[HGGT] RGM-79 GM GTB.VER (Completed, the strongest GM in history …)

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Hello, I’m Motan, a Japanese modeler.

The Thunderbolt version of Jim has been completed.

Normal GM color. The best result in my history.

Please take a look.



=====Production articles so far=====

Only Japanese articles are available.


[Whole body image]

I can go. The gradation is nice.

[Up each part]
(Upper body)

I usually paint the back of the camera eye with silver, but this time I kept the basic color of GM.

As a result, the camera was brighter and the details were clearer.

The decals used are MG Gundam ver2.0 and WAVE caution decals.

Basically, I adjust the decals with my own feeling according to the position of the marking sticker in the instruction manual.

The backpack remains white.

This is also a good two-tone with GM’s greenish white.


[Lower body]

The most difficult foot vernier.

I think I was able to select the decals well.


The double beam cannon is yellow in color.

The shield has a plain feel.

[Some poses]

The feeling of slowly drifting is also good.

I like the feeling of being in front of you.

But, after all, the two shields are really good.

So it was Thunderbolt version GM.

[Use kit]


[Tips for making plastic models. .. .. ]

This time, I didn’t rush to complete it, but just took my time.

That alone makes it feel good even in a straight group.

If you do something, the plastic model will respond.


Well, what should we make next?

See you next week.

[Participating in the ranking.
Pochi, please. ]

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