[HGUC] The O (Completed, the last work in Heisei.)

Hello, I’m Motan, a modeler.

It was already reiwa period, but it was completed at the end of the Heisei period just because the web upload was slow.

It became an work suitable for the end of the era.

Past production articles. ( in japanese )




[Well, there were other parts that were lost. . . ]

I wrote that I made face parts last time, but in fact there were two places where there were no parts.

The face part was posted last week. Besides, there is no thruster on the left side and the black part in the middle of the waist. . .

So I made it myself.

All the photos are self-made parts. For me, it worked very well.

The work uses 3mm square bars, round bars, and plastic pipes. Created with a design knife or a 1.6 mm flat blade.
It is hard on presbyopia. (Lol)

Paint with a brush.

By the way, it looks like this before and after painting.

After painting.

Lumbar parts.

I can make it myself, so I’m not afraid of losing parts (I want to make sure I don’t lose parts before that.)

プレミアム バンダイ

[gallery. . . ]

It is a gallery.

This time, it was beautifully colored as intended.

Sirocco will be satisfied. (Lol)

Hidden arm.

Like floating in the air.

The angle you look up from below is an essential angle.


That’s it.

What will we make next?

See you next week.

(Use kit)

 I participate in the ranking.

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