[Old Kit] AV-98 Ingram (Completed, it’s so cool ..)

Hello, I’m Motan, a modeler.

The Summer Mobile Police Festival, Ingram is complete.

Gallery. . . First is Unit 1.

Even though it is an old kit, it is a good proportion.

There is no change in length except for the ankle, so the original kit is very good.

Upper body up.

The surrounding parts are shaved to make the eye camera look larger.

A gentle face suitable for Alphonse.

The patrol card on the shoulder is also made exactly.

By the way, the marking sticker is thin and can be very beautiful.

As for the shield, the part of Maruichi comes out beautifully and is very satisfied.

Well, satisfied. (Lol)

Posing. . .

Since the range of motion of the shoulder has been expanded a little, the kit can manage to hold the revolver cannon with both hands.

When smoke comes out, it feels like blowing smoke.

One piece with movement. Because the grounding of the foot has improved.

Hold an electromagnetic baton.

Looks like something strong.

Hold a shotgun.

There are parts for Unit 2.

Replace parts in Unit 2. . .

In Unit 2, the antenna blade is black, so it feels like a mess.

The shoulder parts are also cool.

This “Metropolitan Police Department” is also a sticker.

There is also a license plate seal.

The ankle hook looks like this.

The back is also cool. (Lol)


Although this kit is relatively easy to make, it is a very styled kit that gives me the Ingram I expected.

Since it is compatible with No. 1 and No. 2, please make it by all means.

See you next week.


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