[HGGT] RGM-79 GM GTB.ver (make it without any extra work…)

Hello, I’m Motan, a modeler.

After MG GM. . .

Start creating a Thunderbolt version of the GM!



[This time just enjoy making. . . ]

In the last production of GM, I made too many modifications, so this time I wanted to make it easier and easier.

So, when I was looking inside the kit I hadn’t made yet, I found a GTB version of GM.

“Okay, let ’s go!”

This time, we will follow the rules below.

  1. For parts that are divided according to the design of the kit, I will not process the surface by applying a file after joining the divided surfaces with adhesive.
  2. I work with emphasis on sharpening the edge rather than flattening the surface of the part.
  3. In principle, no modification or addition of information is required.

If this rule is observed, it will be completed in about two weeks.

[My way. . . Gate processing]

If the above rules are followed, the tools used are as follows.

  1. Ultimate nipper (God Hand)
  2. Shine blade thin type fina (Fina)
  3. “Shokunin Katagi Suri Suri BAR for Plastic Model Tool”(Shimomura Alec )
  4.  “Tyoukou scraper” (tungsten carbide) (Funtech)
  5. sponge abrasive 114X140mm # 800-1000 equivalent (3M)

First, roughly cut out the parts.

Once again, this time I will remove the burrs by passing the parts.

This is the so-called “double cut”.

Then, flatten the gate mark with the Shine Blade.

Shine blade is a metal file and can be used for a long time.
There are also two types of file eye detail, so it’s very convenient.

Next, use a Tyoukou scraper to sharpen the edges.

It ’s a lot of fun to do this.

Finally, smooth the surface with a sponge file and finish.

If you have a flat surface, use Suri Suri BAR.

It may be difficult to understand with the photos. . .

[The assembled parts. . . ]

The upper body of GTB GM. . .

First, arms and wrists are flat like this.

Perhaps later, the joints of the parts will be stepped down.

The second arm is stepped down.

Oh, I was already using Danmo here. . .


The ankle has not changed.

The joint sealing is still a kit this time.

Two consecutive cannons.

I am worried about what to do with the joint of the barrel.

Well, the seam will be better if it is stepped down, so this time I enjoy the process of making the gym easier.

See you next week.

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Thank you for your click. ]

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