[Road to GBWC] [HGUC] G Armor (Attaching the demon decals => Complete entry. ^^;)

Hello, I’m Motan, a modeler.

Series: The road to GBWC. Finally complete!

My G armor is complete.



Practicing that was waiting at the end, pasting decals

The difficulty that was waiting at the very end.

It is a decal.

because I got a bit of ambition and start using the RG and MG images on the net as a reference. . .  I had to put about 100 stickers. . .

This was done in 2 days. (It s great for myself.)

(Click to enlarge)


i got eyes hurt, shoulders stiff. . .

However, the entry is not possible without finishing this work. So I worked hard while using these tools.

Double wearing of Loupe and reading glasses. . . (~ _ ~😉

I tried my best , but my family told me that it looked like a mantis (why it wasn’t clear).

Gundam was also very hard.

Decals are appropriately selected from Hi-Q parts and Gundam decals. (Click to enlarge)

Finally like this.

We arranged the twoGundam and G_armor before joining.

(Gundam separately)

(Click to enlarge)


(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

Thanks to the decals, the original mold with a slight bend was also a bit crisp.

I’ll try my best.and good qesult.

(G Fighter separately)

(The back side is also properlypasted decals.)

Finally, completion of my style G armor.

And now it looks like this!

(Front: Click to enlarge)


(I’m sorry I don’t have a proper photo


There are other photos of the determined poses, but I’ll be confused until GBWC qualifying is complete. (Excuse me)


After finishing the 3 month GBWC.

Thanks to you, we completed the web entry to GBWC today. Anyway, the goal of GBWC entry was achieved.

If I think about it, I managed to overcome the production period of over 3 months from May, and became a masterpiece myself.

At last, this will allow us to deal with the kits that have been accumulated over the past three months.

Only God knows the result. All things come to those who wait.

I want a smoked clear version of Gundam!

So, thank you for joining me on the way to GBWC for a long time.

From the next time, I will return to normal production notes!


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【This article has been read…】

【MG】MS-05B ZAKUI RAMBA RAL’S CUSTOM ザクI ランバ・ラル専用機(古いキットって怖いっす。。。)
【MG】MS-05B ZAKUI RAMBA RAL’S CUSTOM ザクI ランバ・ラル専用機(古いキットって怖いっす。。。)




【HGUC】MSM-07S シャア専用ズゴック(よくできたキットだなぁ。。。)
【HGUC】MSM-07S シャア専用ズゴック(よくできたキットだなぁ。。。)

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