[HGGT] RGM-79 GM GTB.VER (celebration, over 100,000 visitors, step-down mold method.)

Hello, I’m Motan, a modeler.

First, the number of visitors to this site exceeded 100,000.

We look forward to your continued patronage.

Well, this is a continuation of the Thunderbolt version of Jim.
This time, we will use the “dan-ochi-mold” method.

[What is “dan-ochi-mold”? . . ]

“Dan-ochi-mold” is a technique that cuts the corners of the joints between the parts to make them look like the original grooves. This makes it appear as if it is a single connected part.

(It may be a unique name in Japan. Please tell me how to express it in English.)

(“SUjiborido”) http://sujibori-do.ocnk.net/product-list/121

[All joints are “dan-ochi-mold”. . . ]

As you can see, the joints are all “dan-ochi-mold”.

Before and after the second arm.

The gun of the hand launcher is also nice.

The tool is the “Dummo” from Sugibori-do.

It has been several years since I bought this tool, but it seems that I finally understand the tips for using it.


The trick is to gently rub and rub the line, not the corner of the part, but the line you want to drop inside the part.

The foot parts are very beautiful and satisfying.

Now that the gate processing is over, let’s build it.

First, from the feet.

Maybe I’m excited about this alone. (Lol)

Anyway, the lower body is unusually cool.

Set with upper body.

After putting backpack.

Since the manipulator of the backpack does not spread with one part, a little trick is necessary for the deployment of the shield.

The shield seems to be the same type as the old HG Gundam or GM.

Looks so strong.

[I just put it on the stand. . . ]

Obviously, because it is a spacecraft, the pose that is floating in the air suits this aircraft.


There is still a surface treatment (although it is only lightly smoothed), but the basic work is almost over.

Next time, I will start painting.

See you next week.

【I participate in the ranking.
Thank you for your click. ]

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