[Old Kit] 1/144 Heavy Equipment L-Gaim MK-1 (Gundam frame is loaded inside.)

Hello, I’m Motan, a modeler.

I resumed making the old kit L-Gaim MK-1.

As expected, it was a serious operation (a major remodeling).


[First of all, what was not written in the previous article. . . ]

This major remodeling means that I put another kit frame inside.

This is here. . .

This is a Gundam frame from Barbatos.

In the article on the net, it was written that “L Gaim and Gundam Frame are compatible”. . . (However, 1/100 …)

By the way, in the previous article, the Gundam frame was reflected in the back. (It is in the upper right …)

[First, let’s work from the feet. . . ]

As shown in the photo below, I dropped the protrusion of Barbatos’s foot.

Especially knee plates, heels, and shin pipes. .

Finally, the corners are dropped a little more finely.

Then toes.

This is also cut out and put on the frame as it is.

As a result, it looks like this:

Barbatos’s ankle mechanism is the same as the old kit, so it feels good.

When combined, it looks like this.

But there was one problem.

Barbatos kits have shorter thigh parts than the old kits.

so. . .

[Thigh remodeling. . . ]

Cut off the part connected to the hip joint above the double joint.

And glue the parts of the knee joint of the old kit!

The knee is now a triple joint. . .

Subsequently, the cut hip joint parts were transplanted to the hip joint of the old kit.

As a result, it looks like this.

Was it a little longer?

The inside looks like this.

Next, I’m going to put my hands on the heel, hip joint, and waist parts.

This still takes a long time. . .

See you next week.


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【旧キット】1/144 重装備型エルガイムMK-1(その2:ガンダムフレームを中に仕込む。。。)




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