[OLD KIT] AV-98 INGRAM (Remodeling of joints.)

Hello, I’m Motan, a modeler.

Today is a continuance of the movement police Festival.

I remodel some joints.


【At first, with the ankle. 】

This is the ankle before remodeling it.

An ankle has one polycap , and It is connected to the foot by the black part.

When it is that , I cannot twist an ankle , and he ground does not have a sole.

So , I attach a ball-joint to an ankle .

At first , I attach a part to insert an axis of tha ball-joint to the black part.

I use “Plasapo” , the product of WAVE company.

I attached the parts which I remodeled to the armor of the foot.

Next , I attach a ball-joint in the ankle side.

I fit a new part in the place where original part is.

Because parts to attach this time were wider than an original thing, I sharpen parts of the ankle side.

I use the ball-joint parts which remained with the kit which I made before.

I bag the parts which remained and keep it like this .

It is convenient to use the parts which remained.

【Next , with the shoulder.】

About the shoulder , I fit a new part in the place where original part is.

I attach the ball joint to the axis of the parts of the shoulder afterward.

A ball is included in  and is only attached to the axis of original parts and can easily make a ball joint.

【Third , with the neck.】

I process parts to be easy to do the painting so that a neck part is attached after painting it.

I cut off all the projections in the backside of the parts of the neck.

About the parts of the body, I do not need the processing.
I glue the parts of the neck together later.

I confirm whether the parts which I remodeled are attached to the body properly.

【Last , head unit.】

At first I glue the parts of a face divided into right and left together and I handle the trace of the joint to lose its eyesight.

I cut the part of the chin afterwards along the split bar of parts.

From the part of the chin which I cut, I insert clear parts and come to be able to attach it.

Finally it is completion if I attach the parts of the ear.


Remodeling is over in this.

On the next article , I start the painting.

Then see you next week.


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